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In a city like Atlanta there are tons of Web Design Firms and choosing one can be difficult. We at JSH Web Designs will try to make your choice easier, we offer quality and professional web designs at affordable prices. Unlike many of our competitors in the Web Design Industry we believe that professional websites should not be highly expensive. If you are paying more for your website than a billboard odds are you are spending too much. Don’t get us wrong this is an industry where you get what you pay for however no one really needs a Lamborghini unless you just feel like it and let’s be honest if you own a Lamborghini you are not reading this.
All our Web Designs are Mobile Responsive at NO extra cost. Mobile Responsive web designs are websites that display the website in accordance to the size of the device displaying the website. So if you are using an iPhone or Android smart phone your website will resize itself to fit that particular device. Why is having a Mobile Responsive website important? Over 50% of Google Searches are coming from mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) which means that more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet than using the traditional desktop computers. By not having a web design that is at the very least mobile friendly you are potentially losing out on 50% of your customers.
Our Web Designs are powered by WordPress. We love the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our clients find that by having their web design on WordPress it makes for easy changes to the website for users both beginners and advanced.
Our Web Designs also come Social Media Integrated at NO extra cost. We do not believe charging our clients for every single addition to a website. We believe the basics of a mobile responsive website and social media links are just that a basic need on a website not an addition. Social Media Integration is important for various reasons. Social Media provides trust and report with your customer base. It also helps with your Search Engine Optimization. A new survey suggests that websites with social media integration tend to get 30% more new business than websites without. Don’t miss out on 1/3 of your business because a Web Designer is trying to charge extra to add your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube links.
Beyond Web Design at JSH Web Designs we offer Graphic Design including logos and branding, Website Hosting (quality shared hosting that is not slow), Digital Advertising (proudly Google Adwords Certified for PPC), Social Media Management, and SEO.
If you are in the market for an Atlanta Web Design give us a call or visit our contact page. We offer free quotes on all our services and even offer a free rough draft design to ensure we are on the same page as our client as to their website aesthetics.
We Service the Following areas of Atlanta:
Downtown Atlanta,
Sandy Springs,
East Atlanta,
and More