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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on. If you are just getting into Business or just now managing your internet presence it can be a daunting task figuring out which one to use to reach your clients, how to set them up, and how often to use them. Social Media is one of the great tools of the internet that most businesses forget. They will setup an account and not regular post blogs, content, or talk with their consumers. Most business owners will feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to keep all these different outlets updated with your information. To remember to post a facebook status, then send a tweet on twitter, then write a new post on Google + and Google My Business, then share an update on LinkedIn all while responding, liking, favoriting, etc.
The Use of Social Media
Social Media is a way to remind previous consumers – Just like retargeting in other marketing aspect the same goes with Social Media, you are able to stay in the front of your consumers mind instead of in the back of their mind. The see all your latest and great products or services thus making them return more often.
Social Media is a great way to attract new business – Social Media has now became a form of Validation. Just like a testimonial or someone telling you (the old school word of mouth) likes, favorites, retweets, etc are all personal endorsements and other people see it that way. A study reveal that 4/5 people trust reviews online just as much as someone telling them in person.
Social Media is a great way of receiving Feedback – Social Media provides the opportunity for instant feedback of what you need to do to convert better. You can take all comments as constructive criticism and use it to your advantage. Knowing exactly what your customer wants and when.
Social Media allows you to ask questions – Cold calling previous clients or consumers is not the most convenient thing in the world however Social Media has simplified that for us and gives us the ability to chat with those using our products or service in a direct manor to get more information about your business and people’s opinions.
If you use Social media the right way you are able to not only get new business but also get a better conversion rate on your current consumers. The problem with social media is the time that it takes to invest in it. The last thing someone in Knoxville TN wants to do is be logged into social media instead of watching the Vols play on a Saturday. That’s where we come in. We are able to manage all your accounts and constantly post and keep your pages fresh with new product or services offered as well as keep in contact with users and consumers. If you need help with your Social Media accounts give us a call today at 865-407-0006. JSH Web Designs | Knoxville Web Design Firm


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