JSH Web Designs is Google Adwords Certified. Through the Google Partners Program we have completed the exams and criteria required to become recognized as a company who is proficient in basic and advanced aspects of Adwords.

Are you looking for professionals to handle your digital marketings? Are you interested in using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for your business? Let us help you! Having being awarded certification from Google for their Adwords Product we know the in’s and out’s to help your company begin a short or long-term advertising campaign.

What is Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is a form of online advertising through Google Search and Google Display Network. Adwords gives you the ability to advertise to specific users that meet your criteria. Not only can you advertise on the top and sides of Google Searches you can also utilize Adwords to advertise on their partner websites such as AOL, Youtube, Google Maps, and other 2 million other websites that reach over ninety (90%) of Internet Users worldwide (per: ComScore)

Why Use Adwords?
Adwords helps you to narrow your ads to your specific target customers. With Adwords you can reach customers who are searching for your exact or broad phase keywords (Search Terms Used in Google). Also with Adwords comes the ability to narrow your target audience by Location, Device, and Topics. So if your customers are in just Knoxville, East Tennessee, Tennessee, Southeast United States, or Nationwide you can choose who sees your advertisements.

Adwords has a higher conversion and ROI than traditional print media, the reason for this is customers searching on Google or Google Display Network they are proactively looking for your product or service thus making them a better prospect to turn a lead into a customer.

Adwords also makes budgeting, projections, and analysis easy! You can set a budget that meets your needs and see in real time your conversions and monitor not only where your customers are coming from but what keyword they used, the area they live, and even what time was the best for your business to advertise.

If you are interested in using Adwords for your business or are currently using Adwords and not getting the Return of Investment you are looking for, give us a call today at (865)407-0006.