Terms and Conditions of JSH Web Designs Referral Program.

These Terms and Conditions are entered into by you, the recipient and JSH Web Designs.

JSH Web Designs is a Website Design / SEO firm based in Knoxville, TN whose sole purpose is to create quality, professional websites at affordable prices.

When referring a person or a business to JSH Web Designs you agree to the follow:

  • Over the Age of 18
  • A Current Resident of The United States
  • You Did Not Illegal Solicit JSH Web Designs
  • You Follow ALL the Laws and Regulations in Your Location and The Businesses Location
  • You Followed the CAN-SPAM Act when Emailing
  • You obtained The Businesses EXPRESS permission to share with JSH Web Designs
  • The Business or Person Informed you they are interested currently in a Web Design
  • You are NOT an employee or representative of JSH Web Designs in any way shape or form
  • You agree to not hold JSH Web Designs responsible for any loss, damages, or legal proceedings as a result of this program
  • You agree that JSH Web Designs makes no promises nor guarantees to the referred businesses becoming clients (resulting in reward)

    To Be Eligible for Reward: Referral (business or persons) submitted by you MUST sign a contract agreement with JSH Web Designs and Pay JSH Web Designs (IN FULL) the cost of the Web Design. Until these terms have been met you are not eligible to receive the reward.

    Void in Certain Areas: JSH Web Designs does not accept referrals from businesses or persons located outside the United States or in the States of Tennessee, Hawaii, or Alaska.

Dead Line: The Deadline for the Reward is 8/30/15. Should the business or persons retain JSH Web Designs after the deadline you are not entitled to a reward.

Limited Quantity: Should JSH Web Designs reach 100 referrals the reward / referral program will end irrespective of the deadline or date.

Apple Watch РThe Apply Watch will be the Apple Watch SPORT 38mm White or Black. JSH Web Designs will cover all Taxes and Shipping on the item however JSH Web Designs does not cover any warranty of the watch it is solely the recipients responsibility to ensure Manufacturers warranties. JSH Web Designs will ship the item via United States Postal Service with Insurance and Tracking. A Tracking Number will be sent to recipient via email provided. Should the package be delayed for any reason from USPS recipient does not hold JSH Web Designs accountable. The Apple Watch will be shipped within 3 weeks of the purchase of a web design by referred business or persons. Should for any reason the Apple Watch(s) not be available recipient agrees to receive the $300.00 in lieu of the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will only be available for one time per recipient after the one watch has been sent should any other referrals purchase a web design from JSH Web Designs the recipient will then receive the $300.00 via PayPal.

$300 via PayPal – The $300.00 will be credited to your account within 3 weeks of the purchase of the web design by referred business or persons.

Recipient agrees that no promises nor guarantees were made other than expressly written in these terms and conditions. Should receipient break any of the terms and conditions written herein the recipient forfeits any rights to a reward and will be removed from the referral program.

Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change without Notification.

JSH Web Designs Reserved the right to not accept referrals from any one at any time and the right to cancel the referral program without warning if it wishes to do so.

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