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Graphic Design
Logo and Branding

You only get a first impression ONE time so we are here to help you make it count. In today’s society and attention span we judge things in a matter of seconds so if your logo has not been updated since the 90’s or maybe you are a new business or start-up and do not have one we are here to help. We take the time to not only research our client’s business but also their personality, their customers personality, etc. Every industry and every niche is different and we have to tailor to them. We are in a world where everyone judges what Kim Kardashian is wearing over what she says and the same aspect is true when it comes to Logos it’s just as much if not more the look you give off as what the name of the business is.
Did you know that different color logos portray different feelings and emotions? That is one of the MANY factors we take into consideration when building the right logo and/or brand for you!
We have over 10 years design experience!
The process first we sit down with our clients in a one on one setting and pick their brain, discover exactly what their brand stands for who they are and how we can show case their personality into their branding and logo. Then we at JSH Web Designs come together as graphic artists and start the creative process.
The approval we send our clients a designed logo, branding, or campaign to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.
Editing. We take this time to either go back to the drawing board if we missed in our first submission or we edit the logo to make it perfect for you.
Final Approval – You have the final say, it’s your business and just because I like it does not mean you do. We offer up to 3 revisions for free.
What about Print and Digital Advertising?
We do it all!
Print – We do Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Postage Design, Every Door Direct Mail Design, Billboard Design, Brochure Design, Menu Design, and more.
Digital – Whether it be banners, digital letterheads, FavIcons, Social Media Icons, etc. We are also certified by Google for Google Adwords advertising you can check out more information about our Digital Advertising HERE.
We have created logos, business cards, letterheads, and billboards for the following industries:
Real Estate Industry
Health Industry
Management Industry
E-Commerce Industry
Automotive Industry
Legal Industry
and more.
If you are in the market for a new logo or branding give us a call today and let us submit a free quote to you. 865-407-0006